Útgerð – Equipment

Útgerð – Equipment

Sound equiptment:
Exeptionally well proportioned PA for our venue. Our PA was chosen in acordance with acoustic consulting firm.

Allen Heath SQ6 – Audio Console
2 x L-Acoustic ARCS Wide 12″/3″ 90 x 30 450W RMS
2 x L-Acoustic ARCS Focus 12″/3″ 90 x 30 450W RMS
4 x L-Acoustic 1×18″ Highpower subwoofer
2 x L-Acoustic Amplifier 4x1000W 8 Ohm
2 x L-Acoustic Rigging element for vertical arraying

Steinway Grand Piano
Yamaha Upright Piano

+ a wide sortiment of microphones, DI boxes and cables

We unfortunatley do not have any backline gear but are happy to help aqquire any gear needed.

10 pcs. CCT Starlette Floodlight               1000/1200W    Halogen (R7s 189mm)
14 pcs. Par64 (CP60+CP62)                    1000W              Halogen (PAR64 – GX16D)
2 pcs. PAR56 Shortnose                          300/500W        Halogen (PAR56 – GX16D)
1 pcs. PAR36 Pinspot                              30W                   Halogen (PAR36  6V)

8 pcs. ROBE LEDbeam150                      220W                   LED (RGBW)
COLOrado 1-Quad Zoom                        110W                    LED (RGBW)

1 pcs. CHAMSYS QuickQ 20
2 pcs. AVOLITES Dimmers Art2000i (24ch)